The Taurus sign with a blue background

Taurus Horoscope – Tuesday, December 22, 2020: You'll be the most fiery sign of all

The safer you are, the more irresistible you'll be for those around you


When we speak of Taurus on this 22nd of December we have to take into account that it is the fieriest sign of the Horoscope. Within you, there’s a desire to experience romantic passion, and you’ll do everything you can to create fireworks in the bedroom (without losing the romance).

You’ll feel your other half has neglected themselves a bit, they won’t follow your vibrant rhythm and you might feel desolate (or rejected, why not). You’ll then have to be careful with your insecurities, which will come to light, and you’ll ask yourself what you’re doing wrong.

If you’re single you know well what things you should change in order to be happier. Among other things you need to boost your self-love: the more self-confident you are, and the more you respect yourself, the more irresistible you are to those around you.

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Someone with a bad reputation will approach you to propose a business deal; it is up to you to slam the door in their face or give them a chance and discover if everything you've been told until now is true or not.

When you go shopping, try to go to places where you can find good discounts; don’t get carried away by brands or the status brought by buying in a specific shop instead of another.


Stop thinking that being on a diet is synonym with eating salads and grilled meats and fish. Why don’t you spend part of your time creating healthy yet fun and tasty dishes?

Play more with spices, there are many with interesting properties that will also give a unique touch to your recipes.

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