Taurus Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Wednesday, October 21, 2020: Be more discreet with other people's love lives

Postpone your imminent purchases, tomorrow you'll find what you need to save money


This Wednesday the 21t of October is good to comment and reflect on the lives of others, and the way in which they deal with their loves, romances and breakups. You’ll learn from other people’s mistakes; you’ll see mistakes that you don’t want to admit in your own relationship.

Talking about the neighbour’s matters of the heart is fun, but don't forget about the matters which assail your own heart, Taurus.

So, try to work with discretion, avoid emitting judgement on those around you, and try to see what things should change in your relationship going forward.

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At work, you’ll have a tendency to give your colleagues the best schedules (or even your best ideas) will bring great disappointment for you. They’re taking advantage of you, and more often than not they don’t even thank you for it.

Learn the lesson, it’s a very valuable one, and from now on be clearer regarding those who have earned your trust and who have shown you that they're there for you. Never neglect your dreams and intuition, remember to always be the protagonist of your professional life.

Even if you think you need to buy things today, try to postpone it. Tomorrow you’ll find the same thing at a cheaper price.

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Look after your eyesight. Remember to always have your glasses or spectacles with you, and if you fall into the trap of buying new sunglasses, make sure they have the right certificates, otherwise they might hurt your eyes.

Generally speaking, your wellbeing will be on a very good level, but if we're to point out a weakness, it is that you might be sensitive to strong smells, which might give you nausea.