Taurus Horoscope Saturday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Sunday, November 21, 2020: Make a parenthesis in your daily life

Some envious individuals will try to bother you, but they won't be able to achieve it


With the arrival of Saturday, you find the perfect excuse to make a parenthesis in your daily life and enjoy a special love adventure. If you’re a committed Taurus, you should organize a special date, any gestures towards your partner will be appreciated.

Escape to the woods for a moonlit dinner, and then rekindle the flame of passion with beautiful intensity. You’ll have the ability to create magic today, especially come nightfall.

Are you single? That ability to improvise will lead you down interesting paths. Don’t settle for what life has to offer, go a step further.

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Try to be more on top of your professional duties: think that every step you take will impact your results now that November is coming to an end.

Your finances aren’t as solid as they should be, and it’s because you haven’t tightened the screws this Saturday. Before the stars spoke of your ability to create magic, and this will also apply to money.

You’ll know how to have a lovely day without needing to tread water; you’ll be able to enjoy life while tightening your belt.

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Your health will be strong and vigorous, you’ll be strong as an ox.  Your desire to move stands out, and you’ll be able to bring joy with you wherever you go.

Some envious people will try to bother you, but they won’t manage because you’ll be protected by the stars. You’ll make the most of every hour, every minute, and your good mood will be contagious.

Make the most of this Saturday to give yourself a good massage to get rid of any stiffness, or to visit a spa to combine leisure and self-care.