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Taurus Horoscope – Sunday, February 21, 2021: Actively listen to your partner

There's nothing better than making your fortune through your own blood, sweat and tears


You should actively listen to your partner. They often suggest little things you could do to have a simpler and happier life together, but your selfishness blocks out their words.

It’s not that you’re not detail-oriented, Taurus: sometimes you simply miss the clues that could bring you a happier and more stable marriage. A trick you could use is to write down everything they say, from whose turn it is to take the bin out next week, to what they want for your anniversary.

Those who are single, on their part, will be very much at ease with their independence. They don’t want to insist for anyone to have a second date with you, not matter how much fun they’ve had. It’s that person’s loss, and if they’re interested in you, then they can seek you out.

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You’ll find before you several different ways of doing business in passing.  Before you give your worth you should analyse the situation for a moment, perhaps the initiative clashes with your most fundamental ethical values.

Likewise, you should always try to stick to the law when it comes to your finances and your work situation. Don’t let your desire to have more money end up getting you into trouble with the law. Do you not know that nothing comes for free in this life? There’s nothing better than creating your fortune through your own blood, sweat and tears.


You’ll have a solid vitality and good physical resilience, which you will be able to use, if you have free time, to do exercise outdoors. You should try to visit some place that is far away from the noise and pollution of big cities.

The pure air will oxygenate your lungs and help you release some of the tension that has built up in your head (and perhaps your joints too). You often forget to relax and rest.

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