Your Daily Taurus Horoscope for Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Don't believe what you can't see for yourself, Taurus








❤️ Love

Taurus, you might get some rumours that could affect your relationships. However, that's only if you allow them to.

Don't believe the first thing you hear. Until you can see it for yourself, don't trust anyone. Do some personal research before making final choices.

💰 Money

Taurus, your Daily Horoscope warns you that you're in for a harsh day. Your goals aren't getting done. Therefore, there'll be plenty of tension in the air.

You're better off limiting conversations with colleagues to what's strictly necessary.

👩‍⚕️ Health

Taurus, you'll probably have a hard time at falling asleep because of the full moon's influence. Try to drain off a great deal of energy throughout the day to reduce these effects.

👍 Tip for Taurus

⭐ Taurus Celebrities

The Taurus celebrities selected for Wednesday, October 20 are:

- Alexis Ohanian, American internet entrepreneur (April 24, 1983)

- Sid Vicious, English musician (May 10, 1957)

- Ronnie Coleman, American retired professional bodybuilder (May 13, 1964)

🍀 Lucky Numbers for Taurus

Gemini, your lucky numbers for Wednesday, October 20 are: 1, 8, 11 and 23. 

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