Taurus Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Tuesday, October 20, 2020: You'll multiply your emotions and adventures

The week continues with no room for boredom, because you'll explore new habits


During this Tuesday of October, your energy is contagious, and you’ll manage to transmit it to your other half.  The week continues with no room for boredom, and you’ll explore new habits in your life as a couple.

Easy, Taurus: the changes will be subtle, you’ll easily adapt to them, and they’ll enhance your natural charm and sensitivity. If your partner wants to fulfill your wishes and demands, you’ll both gain a lot.

Those who are single will multiply certain feelings and flings, but there’ll be those who will try to snatch you up. Will you allow yourself to be tied down this time?

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You need to experience your professional relations in a more intense and profitable;  yet more rigorous and responsible way (at all times). Don’t forget diplomacy, and, if you have to sign contracts, avoid talking about politics or religion.

This day is especially good for researching investments and financial products. However, you should assume that embarking on projects you can’t fully handle (such as the stock market) also involves high stakes.

Lastly, the sky indicates a certain special talent for those who work in teaching, research and publications.

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Try to use this 20th of October to make your home a cosier place, which promotes your physical and mental wellbeing.

Give away anything you no longer use (or try to sell them at a second-hand shop), choose order and try to illuminate every room. Did you know that the colour yellow gives your home a constant stream of positive energy?

While you’re at it, place some plants in your living room or hallway, they’re great for purifying the air.

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