Taurus Saturday on a sky background

Taurus Horoscope – Saturday, March 20, 2021: You'll be a pillar in your family

Bring out the art within you through painting or writing, it will be very therapeutic


Your heart becomes confused and wants to explore a path that reason says you should avoid. The thing is, you might feel a strong attraction towards the partner of one of your closest friends, or perhaps even towards a relative.

You’ll face an inner conflict that will make you be quieter than usual, asking yourself questions that have no answers. Those who truly know you will quickly know that something’s amiss, but try as they might, they won’t be able to approach your thoughts.

The Saturday of married Taurus will elapse without much commotion. You’ll feel you’re the pillar of your home, and you’ll encourage your children (or parents) who are going through a tricky moment.

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It’s time to seek a new job. Use part of your time to update your resume, highlighting some of your distinctive traits, making it stand out from the pile.

Pull your contacts to ensure it reaches powerful hands and swim through job finding portals like a fish in the water. Stop thinking you’re a slave to your own circumstances, take the reins of your life to change the path you’re on.

Prepare yourself for an unforeseen expense: a relatively large sum which will have to paid today, and which might be related to any animals or pets you have.


The weekend brings more peace. If you want to, you could make the most of this Saturday to bring out all the art within you through painting, writing or singing; it will be very therapeutic.

Your energy will be going through a great moment and you’ll be glad to achieve the goals you set to improve your health.

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