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Taurus Horoscope – Wednesday, January 20, 2021: You collect notches on your bedpost left, right and centre

That which you've been cultivating in your in your secret garden will finally yield results


Wednesday is perhaps the day of the week where Taurus will seek, or at least want to, be the star. If you’re single, you’ll do whatever is in your power to make everyone sigh over you, even people who, in principle, you don’t find attractive.

In a way, you’ll be collecting notches on your bedpost, you’ll feel a (rather hollow) satisfaction when you get new contacts on your phone book.

If you’re in a relationship, the basic desires will dominate; you’ll use all the tricks in the book to get your partner dancing to the beat of your drum. Unplanned pregnancies might be a problem after tonight’s wild night.

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To ensure there’s no shortage of work, you need to be more competitive. Update some of your knowledge which was outdated, stand tall in the new work and make it clear that no one will be able to steal what you’ve worked hard for.

There are people around you who see you as the weak link; if you play your best card cleverly, you’ll prove you’re the rival everyone should fear.

Don’t let your guard down, the second you become complacent you could love everything you’ve been working towards for years. You shouldn't walk backwards even to gain momentum, and don’t forget that the best things in your life are yet to come.


Be more rigorous with your diet, especially with what you drink. Try not to drink alcohol today, especially if you drink often; your kidneys need a break.

Likewise, you should have a large glass of water with your meals, ditching sugary drinks.

Those who meditate will reach new states of awareness they hadn’t experienced before; what you cultivate in your secret garden yields fruits.

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