Taurus Saturday on a sky background

Taurus Horoscope – Saturday, February 20, 2021: You'll be showered with attention

If you notice problems, don't evade them; face them with determination


Your Saturday will be very heated when it comes to your love life, and we anticipate pleasant encounters, as well as a collection of compliments and sweet words from your beloved. You’ll be showered with attention, more than you deserve, in your humble opinion.

Reality will be more romantic and profound than you expected at first, you’ll always rise to the challenge and you’ll create magic in the most mundane of circumstances.  Life is meant for Taurus like you to make the most of it.

If you perceive problems, you shouldn’t avoid them or take your feet off the ground; face them and look for a quick solution to them. Looking the other way isn’t the best option.

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Your professional life should proceed without problems. In fact, you might encounter some pleasant surprises, such as new duties at work which will make you feel happier, or a schedule which fits perfectly with your family life. Some lucky Taurus will even get news about a potential promotion (although you should take it with a pinch of salt).

This day be great for those who are studying whether they’re preparing for a dissertation or expanding their knowledge of languages by themselves. Your focus will be great, and you’ll fare better with letters than science.


The pain you feel in your back and neck might be directly linked to the use (and abuse) of your mobile phone. Do you slouch forward while you look at your phone, perhaps unconsciously?

Control your addiction to new technologies as much as possible.  The world won’t end if you don’t answer a phone call or text message this Saturday, which you could use as a technology free day and choose to have face to face interactions instead.

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