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Taurus Horoscope – Sunday, December 20, 2020: You'll look after yourself, inside and out

Laughter and a sense of humour will be the catasis for your deepest anguish


You’re tired of trying to cover up your problems and pretending they don't exist; you know well that some of those problems are snowballing because you keep ignoring them.

This Sunday you need to prepare you best arguments to justify to your partner the things you’ve done wrong lately, the lies you’ve told (even if only white lies), as well as the mistakes you’ve hidden. Your other half will be very forgiving.

Single Taurus will have to unmask an alleged friend who, in reality, is jealous of you and keeps setting up traps to trip you over whenever they have a chance. Give them a one-way ticket out of your life, and that of your loved ones, and never let them back in.

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In the area of work, you don’t want to five your word for unspecified future commitments; you prefer on solid facts and solid agreements.

Make the most of this Sunday to analyse the market better, and see if your pending agreements are something you’d like to move forward with; perhaps there are areas which are blooming, which would be just as, if not more, convenient.

Distrust the colleagues who give you advice but then do everything wrong in their own lives; discover the truth on your own, through your own life’s experience.


You use part of your efforts to look after yourself, both inside and out. You’ll seek new activities to help you improve all aspects of your wellbeing.

Laughter and a sense of humour will be a catharsis for your deepest anguish; look for a comedy film to release some tension or, better still, go to a theatre to see a live performance.

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