Taurus Horoscope Thursday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Thursday, August 20, 2020: The day will be filled with passion and sensuality

Doing altruistic things, helping those in need, will feel you with spiritual peace


The expression of original and novel ideas is favoured.  The flame of passion will be rekindled in relationships, you’ll play with your bodies and minds and you’ll free yourselves of guilt and past insecurities.

Sensuality will be latent and you Taurus, specifically, will be all passion. You’ll pay attention to small details, double-entendre and, generally speaking, you’ll give the best of yourself to make life easier.

Those who are single will also find a good dose of sexuality; you’ll want to have a romantic company today but choose well who you invite into your bed. An important message: don’t promise the other person the moon if you don’t intend to call them ever again.

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This is the best day of the week professionally speaking, Taurus; you’ll have a very swift mind, you’ll find god ideas when things get tricky, especially if you tend to work with numbers.

Will your path be a rocky road? Obviously, but you’ll know how to move to avoid being hindered by it.  You won’t take criticism well, even if it’s constructive; you prefer it when people mind their own business and leave you alone.

Listen to your instinct, especially if you suspect there’s a wolf in lamb’s skin amongst you. Don't be naive, don’t think everyone is as kind as they appear to be.

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Your health is at a good level, if you have the good fortune of being off or on holidays, you’ll manage to rid your mind of anguish and stress.

Your stomach won’t fare well, so avoid foods which slow your digestion or give you acid reflux.

Being altruistic, helping those in need, will fill you with spiritual peace.