Taurus Horoscope Friday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Friday, October 2, 2020: You double your efforts to appear authentic

You'll have time to give the best of yourself, and you'l discover new talents you didn't know you had


You become more controlling with your own feelings; you seek an explanation for everything you feel in your heart, analysing it in a very scientific way. You want to show yourself just as you are, in a more honest way.

You feel that you’ve lied too much to people throughout your life and that you’ve also lied to yourself from time to time. Therefore, you’ll double your efforts to be the most authentic version of yourself, Taurus.

This Friday will be an especially interesting day for those who are single and divorced, who will put their hearts on the line without fear of losing. Confess all of your feelings to the person you like, don’t hold anything in; worst case scenario, you’ll carry on as you were until now.

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You're very relaxed in your professional life, in the best of senses; you’ll have time to give the best of yourself, and you’ll even be able to discover new talents you didn’t know you had. Your true vocation is calling you; will you open the door so it can finally come out?

Cultivate your talents, your sixth sense will tell you when you're ready to show them to the world and leave everybody speechless.

Although there are toxic and evil people around you, bet on your self-confidence and trust. Don’t be afraid if they’re cutting personnel in your company, your neck is not on the line.

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This incredibly complicated 2020 has filled you with fear; thinking that some of your loved ones or even you might fall ill at any point makes you very nervous.

In spite of everything, don’t put your walls up, because you’ll be going through life without enjoying it and without embracing joy.

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