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Taurus Horoscope – Tuesday, March 2, 2021: Time will be your ally

At times you'll have to bite your tongue over the snappy replies of a colleague


We foresee a Tuesday full of routines where there won’t be complicated or rocky matters of the heart.  So long as you don’t bring out controversial subjects, you’ll be free from misunderstandings and disputes.

If you’re a single Taurus, you’re very likely to have a fun an important date. Let the other party express themselves, don’t try to talk over them; you have a lot to offer if you gently open the door to your heart.

For this reason, you shouldn’t rush into declaring your feelings or try to rush things; everything will flow at its own pace and time will be on your side.

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You’ll have to search for alternatives to an unexpected problem linked to your job; the project you have in your hand seems to have lost steam, and right now it’s not moving either forwards or backwards.

The solution? Bring out your phone book and find a substitute (or even a deputy) for that which is no longer working! They say time is gold, and when speaking of business that’s even truer, there’s no doubt.

At times you’ll have to bite your tongue over the snappy replies of a colleague you usually understand to perfection; understand that anyone can have a bad day, don’t hold it against them.


You’re rushing through life so fast that sometimes you spend whole days without having looked at yourself on the mirror, for example, or doing any of your favourite activities.

Plus, you should try to make some room to smile, this is a very healthy gesture, and it’s beneficial for your health. There are those who say that laughter can eliminate tension as efficiently as working out.  How about channelling your anxiety by watching a good comedy on the telly?

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