Taurus Horoscope – Saturday, January 2, 2021: Avoid making empty promises

The feeling that you're being exploited at work has been coursing through your mind for a while now


The second day of the year will be somewhat grey for Taurus, especially if they're in a long-standing relationship; you won’t know why, but something’s not working between you. Perhaps you’re feeling something special for someone new who had come into your life?

You’ll have to measure your gestures and attitudes; imprudent words flying in both directions will cause great harm.

If you’re single, don’t make empty promises. You might have fun if you set real goals. The other party is willing to believe anything that comes out of your mouth, but you shouldn’t move away from the truth. The secret is to go slowly, to let love simmer under a low fire, at its own pace.

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The feeling that you’re being exploited at work has been in your mind for a while;  the people around you say that you need to value yourself more, but there’s no instruction manual for these cases.

It’s true that some of your superiors aren’t very competent (or rather, completely incompetent), you know well how your area works, but you're afraid to correct their actions for fear of the consequences.

Examine your conscience of where you’re at and where you wish to go; then set a plan and stick to it.


You struggle to sleep lately, and you're worried about not being able to sleep in one stretch. Try to not have a clock (or mobile phone) in your room so you can’t see the time, this way you won’t get obsessed. Let your body mark the pace.

In this sense, you should avoid long naps (the kind that get out of hand, especially during the weekend), and try to ensure your mattress is comfortable.

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