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Taurus Horoscope – Tuesday, February 2, 2021: You'll walk more than expected

Asking indiscreet questions pertaining to love matters is a double-edged sword


Asking indiscreet questions pertaining to matters of the heart can be a double-edged sword; your own experience as a Taurus makes you know that the answers you get aren’t always fruitful.

However, the stars depict you as a very curious person this Tuesday, who will want to know their other half’s private life in detail (or that of the person they like, if they’re currently single).

There are certain subjects which the other person won’t want to share with you until they’re ready, so don’t push them. Don’t judge their past or their present, just pay attention to what your future together might hold.

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At work you tend to try and hide what makes you different. You’ve often been told that being a sheep in the herd is good, to seem exactly like the people around you.

A very wise person will help you get rid of this misconception. Forget your past trauma, and use each hour of this Tuesday to shine.

Enhance what makes you unique, you need to invite people to bet on you, defend your charisma and that exclusive point of view you enjoy.


The day will be full of very positive energy, and thanks to that you’ll be able to heal some small aches on your back and neck.

Use comfortable footwear, because we foresee that today you’ll have to walk more than you initially thought. Don’t be swayed by fashion, there are shoes that are beautiful but which will make your feet sore, you know this.

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