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Taurus Horoscope – Wednesday, December 2, 2020: You'll give the best of yourself (without being competitive)

Traditional food will comfort you today


You notice something odd around you, as if your peace was about to be blown to smithereens. Around you there are small gestures that make you think that your feelings aren't welcomed, that someone is trying to sabotage your dreams.

You don’t know to what extent this is just a feeling of yours or if there’s really someone who doesn't agree with you. The main thing, Taurus, will be for you to be honest, and for you to follow your heart. Live your life, without thinking about what others expect from you.

If you’re single, your independence and autonomy will be enhanced, you won’t want anything tying you down. Some will cut all ties with their partner so they can fly freely from now on.

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You don’t want to compete to be the most appreciated worker, least of al it the reward is just a pat on the back.  This doesn't mean you shouldn’t give the best of yourself at all times, but you’ll ignore your rivals when they try to throw you off balance.

Plus, being discrete and wanting to work in peace will be highly appreciated by the right person. Avoid conflict, even if you're being threatened.

When you're going to pay, you need to be careful when handling cash, something of yours might end up in somebody else’s hands (and they, of course, won’t give you a heads up).


You’ll feel very dynamic and you’ll want to do activities which break your routine and help you escape your problems.  You just need to look at your schedule and be flexible with your free time, which is more than you think.

On the other hand, you’ll be very sensitive to cold, so, when choosing your meals, go for hearty dishes like stews or soups. Traditional broths and soups will make you feel alive.

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