Taurus Horoscope Sunday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Sunday, August 2, 2020: Go with the flow, you'll keep the flame alight

You'll do unusual things and you might even be dubbed a firecracker


This Sunday 2nd of August the atmosphere in your relationship will be explosive and tender. You’ll do unusual things and you might even be dubbed a firecracker. You’ll rejoice in experiencing everything with passion and romance, to the point of mixing feelings and madness.

Go with the flow to keep your flame alight, offer the best version of yourself to the world without fear; however, you should save some energy which will be required for unforeseen circumstances.

Some Taurus will consider marriage, walking down the aisle imminently with someone they haven't been with for long. In that case the stars advice you to stop right on your tracks and analyze the situation, because you might be mistaking what you really want.

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There are very good impacts to consider new ways of investing; others will come up with great ideas to sort a very tricky situation. You’ll be one of the most daring signs and you’ll be highly appreciated by your nearest and dearest.

You’ll manage to find the key to solve the problems of your family and friends, you’ll manage to be the beacon that guides them to a safe haven.

More good news. You’ll be able to balance your budget and even balance a delicate situation if you're going through a difficult time.

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Be mindful of the quality of the food that you eat, and be especially careful when making it. If you’re going to eat raw fish in Japanese dishes (or cured fish), remember that it’s advisable to freeze it first.

Take care of your personal image, make room in your schedule to go to the hairdresser or to a beauty salon to get spruced up for the week.

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