Taurus Horoscope for Friday

Taurus Horoscope – Friday, April 2, 2021: Don't forget about the magnetic power of your smile

The fatigue you feel, which is both physical and mental, will slowly start to fade


Use the time you have to enjoy some intimacy in your relationship; when you’ve been together for a long-time people tend to get complacent, especially if there are children running around the house. Celebrate the fact that the weekend is here with fireworks.

Likewise, the stars invite you to be more thoughtful towards your partner. When was the last time you wrote them a love letter? The get to work, the muses will guide your words!

If you’re a single Taurus, this 2nd of April is a good day to play the seduction card with that person who has piqued your interest. Bring out the best version of yourself and don’t forget about the magnetic power of your smile.

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You won’t let anyone disrespect you or muddy your professional reputation at work. You’ll put a quick end to the tyranny of your oldest colleagues, or even your boss. Change is near.

In the face of the new trimester that is starting, you should consider improving your language skills, as they will help you improve your situation outside of your business or company. Doors will open for you, many of which you didn’t even know existed.


You’ve been rather terrible with your schedule, but as the week has progressed you’ve been correcting this. Well done, Taurus!

The fatigue you feel, which is both mental and physical, will slowly start to dissipate (so long as you remain prudent over the next few days).

In order to gather all of your strength, you should put that special, or even magical, object in your wallet. A picture of your child, a medal you inherited from your grandfather, or perhaps a magical gemstone linked to your zodiac sign.

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