Taurus Horoscope Monday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Monday, October 19, 2020: There are good news in your family

You'll be very interested in sports, but only as a spectator (at least, for the time being)


Taurus’s romantic sky is very peaceful. No emotional tempest will catch you without shelter, nor will there be raised voices.  You can use this calm to get closer to your spouse if you’ve had a painful clash recently.

For those who are free and single, the stars propose to double their subtlety when trying to approach their romantic interest. However, test the water first, if you jump in headfirst you might have a nasty fall.

Someone in your family has good news to share with you. Perhaps they're expecting a baby or inviting you to a wedding you didn’t know was taking place.

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Your focus is on short supply and you’ll struggle when handling cash money. If you’re employed, be careful when out and about, there will be many ruffians disguised as customers around you.

Be careful and elegant, carry out your tasks with gentle and almost delicate movements. In your sky, we see abrupt gestures that might cause accidents linked to expensive items (scratching your car, for example).

Think that by looking after your more expensive possession you are saving, after a fashion. Or, at least, you’re making the money you spent on them initially go a long way.

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You’ll be very interested in sports, but only as a spectator.  You’ll find watching others compete, whether on the telly or at a stadium, very entertaining, and it might even allow you to socialize with other friends during said encounters.

Either way, you’d do well to break out of your sedentary tendency and exercise your body in some way, imitating the athletes you admire.

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