Taurus Horoscope Thursday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Friday, November 19, 2020: Be patient, and be mentally strong

Slow down in life, observe the details and enjoy the simple pleasures


You’re ready to experience new romantic adventures. Routine isn’t for Taurus, at least not today. You’ll know how to make music sound around you, and you’ll give your heart the movement it needs.

Your romance is renewed in long standing relationships (as is the most ardent passion). But you must control your tendency to suspect your partner, jealousy can drag you away from reality and spoil the sweetness of life.

For those who are free, the horoscope invites them to slow down in life, focusing on the details and enjoying the simple pleasures. Don’t rush in your search for another half.

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You’ll have to be very patient and have mental fortitude.  Your professional life won’t be too easy this 19th of November.

Frustration with many people will destabilize your day, perhaps because they've jealous of you, because they have no empathy to allow them to be glad of other people’s success.

You’ll have to say how much you’re worth out loud, list your strengths and defend your honour and good practices tooth and nail. If you’ve recently made a mistake, move heaven and earth so no one picks up on it, it shouldn’t be too hard.

Little by little you’ll manage to make everyone bow to your success, even your direct competitors.

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Don’t neglect your health or your wellbeing, now that the week is at its meridian.  Perhaps you need to find a duty to tend to at all times.

One piece of advice: don’t overthink things too much. Lower your demand level and try to tell between the things that are really worthwhile in life, and those that are trivialities.