Taurus Horoscope – Tuesday, January 19, 2021: Fill your life with light, literally

The popular saying goes is that the wealthiest man is not the one who has more, but the one who needs less


Insecurity will be your main enemy today; it has taken over your heart, stomach and you whole being.  This Tuesday you’ll ask yourself many things and most of them won’t have a positive answer.

You’ll be mainly accosted by doubts regarding your partner’s satisfaction with you, as a life partner and as a sensual partner. At times you think of sex as a chore and not as something fun.

Single Taurus will also have to deal with their inner demons; you could exorcise your soul by meeting up with a good friend and telling them all of your current fears.

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You work very hard to achieve professional satisfaction, but admit that you also want to have a good amount of savings to leave those around you eating their words. You enjoy compliments and you long to grow socially in search of the admiration of loved ones and strangers.

During this Tuesday you’ll want to be calm about your business; you run the risk of ruining yourself through disastrous investments that you have made just to boast and make yourself look interesting.

A popular saying says that the wealthiest man isn't the one who has the most but the one who needs less; reflect about this, Taurus, this way you’ll be able to better manage your resources from now on.


Your day will be grey on many levels, as we’ve already said. For things to be more bearable you should try to bring more light into your life, literally.

Lift the blinds, let the sunshine come in through your bedroom window, lift the blinds at work, or take a walk during the afternoon, listening to some relaxing music.

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