Taurus Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Wednesday, August 19, 2020: Your heart will help you find solutions

There are many smiling rivals ready to steal your best ideas, more than you think


The moon strongly influences your love life.  Therefore, Taurus, it will shine its special light on the family problems you try to ignore at all costs. You’ll give the best of yourself to face reality.

If you allow your heart to guide you, there’ll be many opportunities to find a solution that rises to the occasion. Your spouse will be with you at all times, giving you valuable advice.

If you’re a single Taurus, you’ll find the support of someone who, although officially is only a good friend, you know there’s something else there, that you have a special bond that makes you different from everyone else.

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The steps you take today should be successful due to the planetary impulses but be prudent and wise.  Don’t be a blabbermouth, don’t go around telling everyone of your intentions, unless they’re your closest advisers.

There are many rivals who are ready to steal your best ideas, more than you think. Don’t let anyone get ahead of you on the path you’ve carved out for yourself.

Paying off your debt quickly is important, especially if those who lent you money are close friends. During this 19th August you might be asked to pay some outstanding debt, and this will be unpleasant for both parties.

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Today there’ll be a lot of moaning regarding weight and size-related matters.  You might have put weight on because you're not aware of the calories you eat.

Remember that it’s not only food that makes you put weight on, but, also, the way you eat; haste isn’t good for your body.

Careful: there’s no need to follow an extreme diet where you barely eat anything but don’t evade reality or get lost in fantasies either.