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Taurus Horoscope – Sunday, October 18, 2020: Your ability to commit is in short supply

Double your focus, don't give your enemies a reason to attack you mercilessly

Taurus Horoscope Sunday, 18th October, 2020
Your Taurus Horoscope for Sunday October 18, 2020 | Magic Horoscope


The weekend is on its last legs. And, at present, you have no intention to commit. You long to fly and you believe your partner (or the person you’re seeing) intends to clip your wings.

You might be really selfish, Taurus, which might have dire consequences if you don’t keep it in check. Keep all of your improvisation at hand and design an alternative plan in case things go awry.

In your family you should pay attention to your elders. They don’t need to be going through a rough patch with their health, but they might be suffering from loneliness. Seize the opportunity to visit them or phone the up this Sunday, if they live far away.

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We foresee a tendency towards impulsiveness in your profession, and you might feel tempted to make daring decisions (which might not even be up to you).

Stepping out of line might cost you more than you could have ever imagined initially. Be moderate and choose secondary roles.

Double your focus to avoid making mistakes and don’t give your enemies or the envious people around you any ammunition.


When you think about exercising, words such as crunches, push-ups, bicycle, balls or weights pop into your mind.

The stars invite you, however, to do some facial exercise this Sunday, which will allow your face to look better. Try to smile strongly and then relax your face, for example.

We often forget we have around fifty muscles in out face, which also need to be strengthened.

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