Taurus Thursday on a sky background

Taurus Horoscope – Thursday, March 18, 2021: Chatting with you will be comforting

Don't tell others to do things right when you keep hitting the same wall over and over


You become someone essential in the lives of those around you. Many friends and relatives will come to you to tell you their latest romantic woes and will expect advice or simply words of encouragement.  Chatting with you will be comforting.

However, you should try to lead by example; don’t tell others to do things well when you keep hitting the same wall over and over. Perhaps, Taurus, you’re not the best person to be giving romantic advice.

Others telling you their experiences will help you understand that love is a very vivid feeling and that each manages their marriage as they see fit. And the thing is, what works in your current relationship won’t necessarily work in your next one.

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Honesty will be your banner at work. You don’t want to pretend skills or interests you don’t really have. You seek success in a realistic way, and you’ll steer clear from easy applause (something that can be currently achieved on social media).

Try to use your time well, tackling your most imminent duties first. Pay no mind to the colleagues who invite you to take breaks all the time, or to those who seek attention constantly, perhaps to feel better about themselves.


You have to look for some room in your schedule to go out and get some air, to rest. Or to do everything you like, and which makes you happy.

You can’t fill your day with multiple professional and family events; otherwise, all the pressure you’re bottling up in your head will explode. Exercise will allow you to relieve some of your anxiety.

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