Your Daily Taurus Horoscope for Saturday, June 18, 2022

Giving up should be your last resort, Taurus


Taurus, there are threats about to come to your relationships. If your social sphere was already tense, it will burst into anger today. There could be a seed of conflict, and a clash afterward, just for the sake of making drama.

You should find the toxic culprit soon so that you can push them away with no remorse. Parasites should be eliminated.


Taurus, you need to be responsible with money. Don't let stability lead you into choosing wrong. You could be tempted to buy an unnecessary, useless item for your daily routine. Just because you're doing well, you shouldn't be splashing the cash. Don't spend like crazy on phone apps, or short-lived, inefficient silly items. You can't let money make you lose your way.


The Stars will give you the energy you need to push your projects, Taurus. If you are committed to spearheading a project, don't tread off-track halfway. You need to assume the consequences of your actions and choices. It isn't always easy to lead prosperous projects (not even working together), but you have to try. Don't run off from what you started, unless you want your managers to be mad at you. Ask for help if you need it, but don't give up.


Supporting those who are suffering will make you feel good, Taurus. Those dear to you might have experienced heartbreak recently.

Being there for them and helping them out will be your wisest choice. You'll give mutual feedback, and you'll feel better together. Bad experiences can bring us so much closer.


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