Taurus Horoscope – Monday, January 18, 2021: You'll enjoy a conjugal oasis

You'll want to start a new chapter in the book of your love life (and with a lot of passion)


Taurus’slove life will take place in a conjugal oasis; a secluded location with a warm and pleasant atmosphere, where the sun will shed its light to sort out the latest disagreements between couples.

Small arguments won’t threaten the stability of your relationship, but they will be an obstacle in the path towards harmony. You’ll be able to express yourself correctly and very calmly, and you’ll destroy some ancestral fears.

If you’re single, you’ll experience romances that will be both passionate and unpredictable; you’ll start a week with a blast. You want to start a new chapter in the book of your love.

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Rein in your unbridled ambition; you want to go very far, very fast, and you might lose part of the progress you’d made due to a very small mistake.

You’re convinced that if you fall into a crisis, very few people will be around you to save you, so don’t take a chance.

You have a feeling that with the arrival of the weekend you spend more than usual; the stars tell you this isn’t a mere impression but, rather, the ugly truth. Some will make the most of this Monday to make cuts and tighten their belt.

Your new personal budget should be something you strictly adhere to, both in order to have stability and to give it to those around you.


You’ll feel rather diffuse fatigue, or perhaps a minor illness that will make this Monday feel longer than usual.

You’ll minimize those problems if you adopt a healthy lifestyle with exercise, a balanced diet and a good amount of sleep.

If you’re thinking of expanding the family, your fertility will be very good; with some luck, the stork will come calling in nine months.

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