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Taurus Horoscope – Friday, December 18, 2020: Reel in your boasting about romantic conquests

You feel less progressive than you pretend to be; so you should try not to speak out of term


Boasting about your love life is a double-edged sword, Taurus, especially if what you want is the admiration of those around you. Someone who doesn’t like you might tell you some things you don't know about your beloved that will make you hesitate.

Perhaps they’ll say it just out of malice, but it’ll whet your appetite and you’ll want to discover if there’s any truth to their words.

If you’re single, avoid disclosing the details of your latest dates, no matter how attractive your latest conquest was. Giving details of your intimate life is beneath you.

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The day will be tinged with professional nostalgia, especially for those who used to have success and money, and who are now tightening their belts.  In a way, you’re offended that people would praise your past work but ignore your current efforts.

You feel less progressive than you appear. Sometimes you speak out of term and try to project an image that doesn't match reality (something which might happen either during face to face conversations or online).


You struggle to find a positive and optimistic atmosphere, but if you double your efforts, you’ll achieve it, Taurus. Do the basics (such as not letting anyone meddle in your life).

You’ll need to look after your hygiene, there are some daily rituals which you’re doing wrong.

Overeating has made you put weight on, and lack of exercise may have brought on some ailments to your health. A lighter diet and regular exercise are what you need.

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