Taurus Horoscope Tuesday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Tuesday, August 18, 2020: You're very zealous with your health problems

Don't forget to give love to your family; someone close to you is sad


You’ll achieve intense conversations with someone you like a lot, but whom you haven’t dared to proclaim your love for yet.  The stars tell you that the other party isn’t as naive as you think, and they’re well aware of your intentions.

Some Taurus will change the way they see a good friend with whom they have many shared interests. You’ll closely analyse their gestures and their reactions; you’ll notice certain reciprocity in the feelings they create in you.

Don’t forget to give love to your family; there’s someone who is sad or depressed and needs your love to recover their will to live.

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Careful with the investments offered on this 18th of August: you’ll encounter charlatans who will try to sell you ludicrous schemes; don’t let their words seduce you, they’re nothing but smoke.

You’ll feel you need more money than ever, you’re too greedy and you want to hoard wealth. This attitude could ruin your daily finances, be careful with saving more than you actually can.

At least you won’t be wasting money to boost your ego by buying unnecessary luxury items.

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You’re very zealous with your health problems; you're embarrassed to explain what your ailments or discomforts are, especially, if they’re linked to your sex life.

You should know this Tuesday will seem quieter than usual; your energy levels will be constant, and you’ll spend them little by little.

Use some of your free time to exercise your mind: read novels or philosophical essays, or play games which make you think, such as crosswords or word search puzzles.

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