Taurus Horoscope Thursday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Thursday, September 17, 2020: The purest version of yourself will be the most irresistible

Don't confuse intuition with naivete: keep your guard up to protect yourself


Your heart is changing, perhaps at a much a faster pace than your head can keep up with. You become more grounded, you see things from a different perspective and what yesterday kept you up at night becomes nothing but a footnote today.

If you’re single, Taurus, you’ll have to learn to be authentic. You tend to be shy, someone told you in the past that blending in is very important and you abandon your own personality just to become a part of the beehive. Remember that the purest version of yourself will always be the most irresistible one.

You must let your hair down and admit that, not only are you different from other, but that you are a unique individual; who doesn't want to be branded normal because they don’t feel the need to; who believes in themselves and in every step they take through this wonderful place called the world.

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You have an innate gift for business, you’ll enjoy good impacts when signing agreements and setting new goals. Plus, it seems that luck is on your side, some things might even appear excessively simple.

Don’t confuse intuition with naivete. You must always keep your guard up in case someone tries to overstep the boundaries with bad intentions. You must be more careful to protect your intellectual property than your material ones.

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You feel well physically, you feel like you could climb Mount Everest if you set your mind to it, Taurus. However, the stars say you should avoid risky activities, as they might leave you with long-lasting sequels.

You’ll really enjoy being outdoors, especially in places free of pollution. Sometimes your lungs need to be filled with fresh, clean and pure air: Your body and mind will be oxygenated.