Taurus Horoscope Saturday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Saturday, October 17, 2020: You're growing up in a hurry

Any disagreements between you and your partner will now become ancient history


Your relationship will be more fun than ever. Romantic happiness is a priority in your life, and you’ll need to brighten your partner's life more than ever. Any disagreements between you and your partner will become ancient history, that wound will heal for good.

This 2020 has been very tough for everyone, and you’re seeing things from a different perspective. The details that used to traumatize you now seem unimportant, almost laughable. You’re growing up in a hurry, Taurus.

If you're single, you’ll feel great without anyone by your side. However, one of your latest conquests might insist on seeing you, as they want to give you some information which concerns you.

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You have a very intense professional attitude, you want to constantly project a winning image, even in the areas where it has no place. Don't let the game of appearances get out of hand, neither in real life nor on social media, alright?

You’ll be fiercer than usual at work; you’ll play your best cards to achieve your goals. Mimicking the feats of the people you admire will yield good results.

You’ll find yourself in a restrictive atmosphere in your finances. You’ll have to keep your finances balanced in an almost epic way, closing any leaks through which money is escaping.

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An astral triad marks your wellbeing sky. Your gluttony increases, you’ll crave things you never eat, especially if they’re foreign and exotic.

Remember that eating yourself into a food coma isn’t good for your body, aside from what your scales indicate or from how your clothes fit.

You know that you can eat anything, but in moderation. And if you overeat one day, the next you’ll have to work out harder than usual at the gym.