Taurus Wednesday on a sky background

Taurus Horoscope – Wednesday, March 17, 2021: There's an explanation for everything in life

You're afraid of going with the flow, you'd rather stay in your comfort zone


If you’re a single Taurus, you’ll notices how someone approaches you with seemingly romantic intentions, with the clear goal of wooing you as soon as they get a chance. However, the damage that’s been caused to your heart in the past makes you doubt their intentions.

You’re afraid of going with the flow, you’d rather live in your comfort zone, even if you know that there are fun things out there that would make you happy. Stop thinking there’s a hidden agenda, let your hair down and don’t give too many explanations.

For those who are in a relationship, the Horoscope invites them to practice active listening. Only then will you understand why your other half has behaved in a way you didn’t like. There’s an explanation for everything, but you need to ask them to share it.

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You won’t be especially skilled when doing business and, least of all, when trying to do administrative tasks. You’ll get numbers mixed up and your detail-oriented nature becomes more and more diluted.

If you handle cash at work, you should be especially careful with payments and giving back change. Go over the numbers twice, thrice, it’s better to be sure of what you’re doing than to make mistakes because you're rushing.

The fatigue you’re dragging due to your hectic schedule is what’s leaving you with your head in the clouds. You need better rest and less long nights of binge-watching series.


You should stop associating exercise with looking good in the mirror.  Physical activity is good not just to get rid of your belly, or to be in good shape, but to help you face your daily life.

Those who have started training again will notice their lung capacity and coordination improve. However, you should mind your strength, you have a lot of it; you could suffer an injury.

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