The sign of Taurus with a purple starred background

Taurus Horoscope – Sunday, January 17, 2021: Take it easy in your love life

You won't have a choice but to double your efforts in order to have pleasant experiences


You feel somewhat ignored when it comes to love matters; even if you knock on its door, that feeling seems to elude you this Sunday. You’ll have no choice but to double your efforts and thus achieve pleasant experiences.

As a single Taurus, the stars invite you to play your cards calmly. Take the time you need to make progress in your conquests, appreciate the love that you have from different points of view.

Marriages will be a good example of how the best romances are those slow-cooked; however, passion won’t be your strong suit.

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Your attitude when facing work is very dynamic, even on a day such as Sunday, where most people tend to rest. There’s no room for defeat in your chest.

You’ll be moderate and diplomatic to avoid your nerves betraying you; perhaps the task you’ve been assigned is a bit more than you can take on, but giving up will never be an option. What’s more, you’ll realize that you’re very good at doing things which you would have never imagined.

On the other hand, you should keep an eye on your accounts and check if you’ve been paid those outstanding payments, otherwise, make the most of this upcoming week to get your accounts up to date.


Lower your level of demand; your constant pursuit of perfection can be harmful for you physical and mental health.

Trying to have each phase of your life be perfect can give you great anxiety, and it might end up undermining your self-confidence.

And assume that nothing is wrong if others don’t see you as a glorious person; you know what your true place in the world is.

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