Taurus Wednesday on a sky background

Taurus Horoscope – Wednesday, February 17, 2021: Don't give in to blackmail

You'll be very receptive to dialogue, and you'll be able to see the two faces of the coin


You’ll be very receptive to dialogue and you’ll know how to see the two sides of a story; you’ll appreciate your beloved with both their good and bad, in a somewhat objective way.

You’ll always try to see the glass half full, let moments of anger soon turn into comic moments and let grief, somehow, turn into laughter and complicity.

An additional piece of advice for Taurus is to try to avoid arguing about any important matters this Wednesday, especially if it’s linked to the care of elderly people or the education of your children. Speaking more than you should without reaching an agreement will only make the problem snowball.

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Go all in on your professional activities; would that you could believe in yourself as much as others do. At work, you’ll be going through a period of good fortune and you’ll manage to get some improvements in terms of shifts or salary.

The stars will give you a hand to improve your band image and make you appreciate your true worth. Be careful with what you post online, sometimes you expose your life more than your colleagues would like.

Those who are in a tricky situation shouldn’t back down, and don’t even consider giving into blackmail to get to where you want to go.


This Wednesday of February you’ll be in good shape; however, you’ll have to control your anxiety, and don’t drink any stimulating drinks, such as tea or coffee, to avoid having your thoughts clouded by euphoria.

You project a good dose of vitality, and you’ll spread it to those around you; even the saddest person will smile in your company.  You’ll be a very adviser for that friend who tends to see everything in shades of grey, and who will call you to share their romantic woes.