Taurus Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Wednesday, September 16, 2020: Second chances are propitiated

Spontaneity seems to play a part in your love life, make the most of it


Open your eyes if you’re a single Taurus and become alert. This Wednesday of September will have a lot of activity, fortunately.

Spontaneity seems to play a part in your love life today. You’ll meet very interesting new people, both in a romantic and in a friendly way. And you might even win back the heart of that person you recently broke up with. In fact, second chances are propitiated.

Within marriages your lives together might take a good turn. Your feelings will blossom and become stronger. You’ll press the key that makes everything work perfectly, and everything will be harmonious.

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Taurus, good professional news will be abundant today. Your good mood is your best tool to resolve any discrepancies that might arise around you, you refuse to waste time and energy on fighting over things that lead nowhere.

You might have an unexpected expense, such as having to fix your car (or paying a speeding ticket).

Don't trust anyone to fix the situation: change must come from yourself. Letting others sort things out for you might be extremely counter-productive.

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Your resilience will be very good today, and you’ll notice this in your legs especially. They’ll feel lighter than usual (and this works in your favour if you’re a professional athlete; today no one will be able to measure up to you).

However, you also have certain negative impacts on your health, which will cause moments of anxiety, clumsiness, or which will even destabilize your appetite. It will be only temporary, nothing to worry about.