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Your Daily Taurus Horoscope for Sunday, October 16th, 2022

They would do the same for you, Taurus


Taurus, you should let yourself enjoy surprises more often. If you're dating, try to avoid planning activities so far down the road. The relationship won't blossom if you don't let it have some magic and mystery.

If you're single, apply that to your family and friends. Being so square and predicting their moves ends up ruining the surprises they prepare for you. Relax a little and let it all flow.

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Taurus, your Horoscope recommends that you compare prices. If you're trying to get the best deal, you'll have to pull some strings to do it. No matter how interested you are in a bargain, don't jump in straight away. You should make sure and check if more shops have it at a better price. Remember that the goal of saving is to spend as little as you can in shopping. Fortunately, the Internet can help you with that.


Taurus, you'll have to pay full attention at work. You learn every single day, and today won't be an exception. If you open up your ears and listen in, you'll be able to gather infinite data. Your manager might talk more than usual at your meetings, but that's not necessarily negative. If they do, it's because the issue they're trying to present is important. Try to keep every word of what they say in mind.


If a friend is moving out, you should offer to help, Taurus. It doesn't matter if they didn't ask; if you can help out, they won't turn you down.


Taurus, it's okay to have gained some weight. Just as much as it goes up, it can go down, if not more. You shouldn't eat less, but eat better instead. Rather than having all that junk food, you should consider changing diets. Nourish yourself when you're hungry, but do it well. Choosing filling foods will help.