Taurus Tuesday on a sky background

Taurus Horoscope – Tuesday, March 16, 2021: Take a break, relieve your stress

Life has taught you that building a solid relationship takes a long time


Life has taught you that building a solid relationship takes a lot of time and that, in contrast, it can crumble to the ground in the blink of an eye.

The horoscope predicts that many houses of cards will come tumbling down this Tuesday, perhaps due to problems linked to egos and a desire for freedom. Taurus’s mind might be blinded by an unbridled desire for success, and this might put their partner off.

The ego of single Taurus could be deemed equally toxic, and it won’t allow you to have interesting interactions with other singles. Perhaps you’ll find someone truly interesting, but you’ll feel like they’re not good enough for you.

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It will be a complicated day at work; the combination of duties you’ll have will make you collapse at a certain point. To prevent this from happening you should try to take regular breaks to allow you to clear you head.

In many workplaces, breaks are optional and perhaps you prefer to do without them and use that time to show your involvement in the project.

However, you should try to listen to your body and take breaks to relieve your stress, because it will also help you be more productive and catch up on all matters.


You’ll be in good health, but it could be better if you accepted the passing of time and that things are different from the way they used to be.

You’re getting older and your energy levels aren’t what they used to be. You should live in line with your possibilities.

Thyme infusions will help you look after your throat and your vocal folds.

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