Taurus Horoscope Thursday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Thursday, July 16, 2020: You want to learn from your mistakes

The daily gestures your family or partner has with you will seem insuficient


Your desire to be the star of this 16th of June increases, you want all eyes to be on you, and to hear people sighing when you walk by. You deserve to feel wanted, of course, Taurus.

However, that self-centredness needs to be a bit more restrained, if you become a megalomaniac you’ll be constantly frustrated. The daily gestures your family or partner have towards you won’t feel good enough, and at times you might feel like the invisible man.

Just like you have to deal with daily problems, so do those around you, as well as having their dreams and projects. Put yourself in the other person’s position, you’ll understand why they behave the way they do and how much attention they can pay you.

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We keep talking about being in the limelight, but now in business and money. You set out to make more decisions in your life, as you’ve often made decisions based on the opinion that those around you have pressed on you, with the best intention.

Obeying is always easier than facing the decisions one makes of one’s own free will, but you’ll take your time to reflect on it. You’ll say enough to making it up as you go along, your voice must be heard. And only thus will you learn from your mistakes.

Plus, an environmental conscience awakens in you, you’ll advocate the consumption of organic products, you’ll advocate fair trade and you’ll try to help the planet regenerate itself.


You’re in good shape this Thursday, you’ll know how to avoid laziness and not get entangles in it, and you’ll enjoy physical exercise and sports.

You’ll feel nothing is impossible for you, not even if you have a disability, or if you're already feeling the passing of the years.