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Your Taurus Horoscope for December 16th

Your Taurus prediction for Friday, December 16th, 2022

Taurus, it's never a bad idea to find out what numbers will bring you fortune today. Read your Daily Horoscope right now and take good notes of all the news.


Taurus, today you should ignore any comment that is meant to upset you.

If you're dating, the well-being of your relationship might be questioned. Don't take pessimistic and ominous messages seriously. Those around you have no right to judge what they don't know.

If you're single, don't let criticism about you be too much of an influence. You're perfectly aware of your weaknesses; you don't need to get them pointed out all the time.

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Your Daily Horoscope warns you that fortune will smile down on you in terms of finances. A time of prosperity and financial abundance awaits.

Right now, you're in a highly favorable situation for boosting your earnings and continuing to make money. Don't be afraid to invest in certain trustworthy purchases and businesses. You'll come out on top, no matter your choice.

Even if you don't see it, luck always ends up coming around. Make the most of your circumstances!


Taurus, you might have neglected the social side of your workplace. Even if the most appropriate is to have a professional relationship with your mates, you could get a bit more involved. Don't hold back from getting them lunch, or going out with them if they ask.

You'll have a chance to know them better, even if you don't end up being best friends. It's never a bad idea to get along with those whom you see every day. Open up to them and enjoy the experience.


A certain friend might be dying to go to a concert. However, they want you at their side. It might not be too inviting initially, but deep down, you know you'll have fun if you go.


If your world isn't flowing smoothly, you might have a blocked chakra or two, Taurus. The best method to free yourself will be some sort of guided meditation.