Taurus Horoscope Sunday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Sunday, August 16, 2020: The family atmosphere will be very pleasant

Being passionate about your profession is wonderful, but you also need to disconnect at times


This Sunday will be very active in your heart!  Whether because you’ll have a date with someone who makes you vibrate, or because you’ll consolidate an existing relationship, Venus is on your side. You’ll be able to lower your guard, everything will go according to plan.

In spite of everything, you struggle to give yourself completely, you’re a bit reticent to meet your partner’s needs, but passion will be so present that in the end you’ll be able to go with the flow.

The atmosphere at home will be very pleasant for Taurus. Reunions with relatives who live in other cities (or countries) are promoted, and there’ll be a strong connection between people from different generations.

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For the sake of your mental health, Taurus, you must know when to call it a day at work.  You’re constantly thinking of work, you want to answer all the messages and phone calls as fast as you can, and you control everything too much, way more than necessary.

Being passionate about your profession is wonderful, but you also need to disconnect, to rest. And to tend to the needs of your partner and friend.

If you’re off this 16th of August, try to ignore your mobile phone (the world won’t end if you do). Learning to delegate is essential, and to trust in your team.

While you’re at it, look for some leisure activities which allow you to transport your mind to new worlds. Some might even consider taking their holidays earlier.

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You’ll have great ability to overcome the afflictions you’re currently facing, especially if you’ve recently undergone surgery.

Be careful with certain beauty treatments, if they’re not done properly, they can have long-lasting side effects on your health.

Don’t put your health in the hands of people who aren’t health professionals.

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