Taurus Horoscope Thursday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Thursday, October 15, 2020: You'll see the glass half-full

The edges that separate love from the purest friendship become blurred (in the best of senses)


The boundaries which separate love from the purest friendship become blurred, especially if you’re a single Taurus.  You’ll feel that this person who is a part of your closest circle gives you butterflies in your tummy and that your feelings are corresponded, in a way.

Is risking your friendship to turn it into something more worth the risk? Without a doubt, don’t be afraid. Venus will help you fit into their world.

Within marriages, spouses will understand each other very well and there’ll be fun proposals. Routine isn’t for you, and some might even recreate their first dates.

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You have a very good attitude at work; perhaps not everything will shine as you would have liked, but at least you won’t be sinking in the mud.  You’ll be able to see the glass half-full, and you’ll turn any problems around to find the silver lining.

You know there are things which you could be doing better, that you tend to let haste act in your stead, and you make very absurd mistakes. Overcome laziness, and you’ll double your focus. Don’t let others take the reins of your life.

Watch over your finances more carefully, it’s time to buckle up without suffocating completely. Learn from your mistakes and try to save as much as possible.

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It’s time to remove everything that hurts you from your life. Friends who lead you down the bad path, habits which deplete your health and finances.

The thing is, in your sky, Taurus, we observe great willpower. Things will appear simple to you. You won’t stray from the path of light.

Keep an eye on your hydration, drink plenty of water, it will help your sink look better and softer.