Taurus Monday on a sky background

Taurus Horoscope – Monday, March 15, 2021: Give more space to your business partners

Try to avoid any internal conflict, and getting roped into union discussions


Your love life might be subject to instability. For this reason, the Horoscope recommends you don’t do anything that could make things worse, and that you control your bad temper.

Being rude might scare off a potential love interest, if you're a single Taurus. Stop asking yourself why everyone can find love while Cupid shuns you. Everything will sort itself out.

There’ll be a taciturn and introspective aura in marriages; you won’t be the most talkative people in the world. An external agent and some good fun will help you regain your spark.

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Your business partner might ask for more space and, if you give it to them, nothing at all will happen; trust in their judgement and let go of pointless suspicion. Try to avoid all internal conflict, as well as getting involved in union talks as much as possible.

If you do chain work you should keep a low profile, no matter how many people are trying to rise up against the establishment.

You’ll manage your budget well; you’ll be able to cut back on significant expenses and you’ll make your resources go a longer way. Don’t think of shopping in stores or online as a leisure activity, if you want everything to go as well as predicted.


When you experience a stressful situation, you should try to get some air and count to ten before you take a step forward. We’ve already mentioned that your bad mood and rude attitude will only bring bad news into your life.

Sleep can be regenerative, start the week by going to bed at a reasonable hour. If you struggle to fall asleep, don’t look on your phone to pass the time.

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