Taurus Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Wednesday, July 15, 2020: Are you thinking about expanding the family?

You're overcome by a very curious melancholy, but don't let it swallow you whole


You’re overcome by a very curious melancholy, but don't let it swallow you whole. You're analysing if your current sentimental situation is better than the ones from your past, and you reach the conclusion that it’s an evolution in the way you love. Now you’re more secure, and you promote stability.

You’ll understand that no relationship is perfect, that fairy tales (and Hollywood films) have made us dream of people that don't exist in real life. Allow your happiness to bloom, and let passion burn brighter.

Relationships with Taurus’ family will be warm, especially with the elderly and the little ones at home; some will consider having children.

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Mercury allows you to establish a new professional contact network who will become your allies in the future, sooner rather than later.

Don’t trust your intuition, you’re overly optimistic and it will be easy to trick you; don’t trust anyone, even if that offends some colleagues.

You’ll notice time drags slowly, but don't be overwhelmed; without a doubt 2020 is a very peculiar year and it’s caught you and everybody else off guard. In the meantime, you can think of new ways of tightening your belt (without strangling yourself).


Your wellbeing will be good, Taurus, and you’ll manage to get rid of some discomfort you felt on your neck and back.

Look after your strength and avoid injuries when lifting weight (whether it is while working out, moving house or doing your weekly shop...)

Changes of temperature won’t agree with you, and you won’t manage to dress appropriately; whatever you choose, you’ll end up either being too cold or too hot.