Taurus Monday on a sky background

Taurus Horoscope – Monday, February 15, 2021: You feel you still have much to experience

Your sanity and sense must come above all; don't take justice into your own hands


An unwelcome situation might throw off the balance in your relationship.  It will be a day where you’ll get to know yourself better and analyse up to what point there’s a reality you don’t know at all out there.

You feel there are still things to experience, that the love they speak of in books and films looks nothing like what you’ve experienced. The feeling of nostalgia that will accost you will also be strong, and you’ll miss some relatives or friends that you’ve fallen out with.

Do you want to change things? Then you should get their number up and call those who were once an essential part of your life or plan a trip to visit that relative you’ve not been in touch with for a while.

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You’ll be very fair this Monday, and you won’t let anyone around you behave unethically or unprofessionally. You won’t cower before your bosses or clients.

A little piece of advice. Let your sanity and sense be above all; don’t even think about taking justice into your own hands.

You should be especially careful with your cash, there are more counterfeit banknotes and coins every day, and some look truly authentic if you aren’t careful.


In order to eliminate your mental fatigue, as well as to renew your ideas, you should use the power of colours. It could be very useful to wear a turquoise garment (or jewel), as it is said to help one recharge one’s batteries.

Those who have been grinding their teeth a lot might be suffering from bruxism, caused by stress (or depression, in some cases).

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