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Taurus Horoscope – Tuesday, December 15, 2020: You forget that, in order to win, first you must take risks

Don't pay attention to that friend who proposes plans which might jeopardize your marriage


You’ve woken up with a strong sense of ridicule; you’ll be embarrassed of even the most ordinary things, and you’ll choose secondary roles. This plays against you if you’re a single Taurus, because you don’t project your best side.

That fear to stand out stresses you out, you know you’re stepping on the brakes of your life. Have you forgotten that in order to win you must first take a risk? And that there are more loses than winners in life, there have always been.

Control your bad temper, which can accost you at times, and don’t listen to that friend who proposes plans that might jeopardize your marriage.

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Your professional integrity will shine; many who know you will speak well of you at work and will indirectly open new doors which you thought were not meant for you. You’ll stand out due to that potential which isn’t always at the forefront.

Life shows you that consistency and tenacity at work yield results. You have to defend your projects tooth and nail, and no one must believe more in yourself than you.

If you need to make important business decisions, bring out your more analytical side; only thus will the muses find you at work.


A light dream traps you this Tuesday; your mental and physical fatigue will be evident, and you’ll have to fight with yourself to live up to expectations.

Your reflexes can be slow and your listening not very active; be extra careful when driving or if you're going to perform tasks which might be risky.

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