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Taurus Horoscope – Monday, September 14, 2020: Turn your professional life around

In order to keep your mind in shape, you should read a good novel or play chess

Taurus Horoscope Monday, 14 September 2020
Your Taurus Horoscope for Monday, September 14, 2020| Magic Horoscope


Is the universe conspiring to annoy you this Monday, TaurusYou’re very sensitive to jokes and comments by others, you feel attacked constantly, and you even feel your partner enjoys pushing your buttons.

An atmosphere of misunderstandings is likely to reign at home, where communication problems will be highlighted. Be careful not to become too annoyed, you might say things that you’ll later regret deeply.

If you’re single, be creative. Taurus might look for fun dates if they let fantasy flow; happiness in love is within their reach, they just have to know what the best path is for them. However, you might get stuck if you have too many suitors, you won’t know which one is best for you.

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The time has come to turn your professional life around; the current circumstances require a change of direction. Think of new ways of making money and, to some extent, analyse the benefits of changing your consumption habits.

You won’t take no for an answer in your research, you’ll accept some changes that you’re not too happy with, and you’ll try to smile more.

Within your family, there’ll be those who behave in a somewhat reckless way with their expenses, and they’ll express whims and desires which are hard to meet. You’ll then have to make them understand how hard making money is, and that they can’t go around wasting money like that.


Your desire to act and your sense of initiative and intellectual curiosity will be enhanced.

You’ll want to live to the fullest and take on the world. You feel like you’re waking up from a deep slumber and that you still have a lot to experience.

To ensure your brain is in good shape, you should try to read a good novel or play chess with your children. Basically, you should do things which require great concentration.

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