Taurus Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Taurus Horoscope – Wednesday, October 14, 2020: Identify your true motivations

You'll encounter people who will try to make you happy without expecting anything in return


The astral atmosphere favours getting rid of fear and existential doubt, of the kind that often keep you up at night, thinking of whether what you have is true love, and if you're wasting your time with your current partner.

Only you can know if the first thing you need to see when you wake up is your other half, or if that romantic phase has ended to never return again.

Try to be objective with yourself, identify your motivations. Don’t let others decide for you, take the reins of your life and hold them tight, with your head held high. Single Taurus will also notice that their conservative side will also be accentuated.

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Your enthusiastic view of the future might be blocked. Throughout the day you’ll feel compelled to take on behaviours which you deem inappropriate (or even ridiculous) for your professional profile.

At the same time, you’ll face harsh adversity on a financial level, this will be directly linked to your desires and aspirations. You want to climb fast but, if you step on the wrong step you might fall hard and fast.

You struggle to think about saving, but don’t give in to all your whims. Choose carefully which ones you’ll meet, and which can wait for a bit.

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You have ahead of you a Wednesday the 14th of October full of contrast in the area of your wellbeing.  On the one hand, you’ll be in good physical shape, you’ll have great resilience and you’ll manage to mitigate the fatigue that had been weighing you down recently.

On the other, you’ll overthink things too much, you want to compete with the people around you and you think the world conspires against you behind your back to make your life a little bit more miserable each day.

Don’t waste your time by raising your shield, because you’ll encounter people who will try to make you happy without expecting anything in return.