Taurus Horoscope for Sunday on a universe background

Taurus Horoscope – Sunday, February 14, 2021: Let truth be your banner

You tend to shield yourself behind excuses, some of which are pure fabrications


You tend to shield behind excuses, some of which are made up, when things don’t go according to plan in your love life.  And this Valentine’s day, the stars tell you that lies are very short lived. You’ve been warned.

Let truth be your banner. If you don’t want to do something with your partner, tell them without beating around the bush. You don’t believe in having to be more romantic on certain days marked by your calendar, you think love should be celebrated whenever you want to.

If you’re single, you’ll also want things to be clear, for both parties. Your time is very valuable, and you don’t fancy wasting something so valuable by drafting projects which your heart tells you will never come to pass.

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Taurus’s workday will be marked by discipline and a good attitude; you’ll have a dose of extra luck if you work with cars, whether as a mechanic, driver, or other professions.

Making good used of your car can be a synonym with savings; for example, you should consider carpooling with others on your way to work, this way you can split the cost of fuel. Remember that, when you drive, if you avoid starting and stopping often, you’ll save a lot of fuel and you’ll extend your car’s useful life.

You might have a nasty surprise with a bill you thought you had paid; financial and professional promise will give you no respite, not even on a Sunday.


Stop looking at your phone all the time, you are a bit addicted to it. Sometimes you feel that, if you turn it off, the 3world as you know it will cease to exist.

Some Taurus will see that their phone is partly to blame for their sleep problems. You use it to fall asleep, without realizing that the light from it doesn’t help your brain relax, on the contrary, it stimulates it.

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