The Taurus sign surrounded by stars

Taurus Horoscope – Saturday, March 13, 2021: If you're single you'll be in demand

Someone will come to your with rumours that affect your professional rumours, but you shouldn't trouble yourself over them


Your relationship might be going through a rough patch; this weekend you’ll seek some time to re-evaluate many things and analyse if some rules should be changed or eliminated altogether.

Be honest and authentic; don’t disguise your true doubts behind a facade of normalcy. Who said one mustn’t stand out in life, Taurus?

If you’re currently single, you’ll be in good luck. The horoscope says that, if you’re single, you’ll be in demand... And they might even let others ensnare them more easily! You’ll work to make someone come into your life to stay there.

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Try to listen to the other members of your team, someone might have a problem that you might not be aware of because you’re too preoccupied with your matters. Remember that you’re all rowing in the same direction.

Someone will come with rumours that will affect your professional future, and you won’t know how reliable their source is. Don’t trouble yourself too much, at least until the information is confirmed.

You should be clear when talking about loans and debt; some matters might be misinterpreted, especially if they’ve been dragging for many years.


Your physical strength will be fickle. The stars tell you this so you can choose light tasks that you can finish. Don’t embark on projects that require loads of effort and which will be left unfinished.

Although it’s the weekend, going to bed early is always a good choice, Taurus. And try to have a diet rich in minerals, especially magnesium, which is a great ally in your fight against depression.

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