Taurus Horoscope – Wednesday, January 13, 2021: Never forsake your spontaneity

Be more generous in your love story, practice active listening


You keep overthinking your love life, you think it needs movement but you don’t know where to press to get dynamism to come in through the door.

Perhaps the time has come to bring out your creative side, Taurus.  Create a romantic (or kinky) situation to blow your routine up to smithereens and to help you recover your old romantic illusion. Standing there with your arms folded is not an option.

Those who are married should be more generous and actively listen to their other half’s interests; those who are single, on their part, should play to their strengths before the mirror and try to find any excuse to go out and seduce.

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You couldn’t care less what people think about you; at work, you do what you think is best without trying to please anyone. You merely follow orders and avoid standing out.

Some will accept that their latest business adventure hasn’t gone according to plan. However, you don’t let this bring you down: you know that it’s time to keep going forward with more strength than ever, whether it’s trying to save the project or turning over a new leaf and starting a new chapter in your life.

Don’t forsake your spontaneous and fun spirit, and try to update some of your knowledge so you’re up to date with the latest developments.


You’ll be in good shape, but you should keep choosing a healthy lifestyle where sense is your banner.

Avoid practicing extreme sports; the risks will go against you. Likewise, you should warm up properly before you work out at the gym.

Your willpower stands out; put yourself in professional hands if you want to say goodbye to harmful habits such as smoking or an addiction to other substances.

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