Taurus Horoscope for Saturday on a universe background

Taurus Horoscope – Saturday, February 13, 2021: You'll create new romantic rules

You'll dedicate your effort and illusion towards having an unusual day, one without monotony


You focus your efforts and illusion towards having a day that’s unusual, where monotony is far away from your life and relationship. You open the door to novelty, you want to enjoy life with intensity, and you’ll spice up any situation which arises.

In order to achieve what you desire, you shouldn’t want to be a despot, Taurus; dialogue will yield better results than being a dictator. The person who truly loves you will understand your motives and will accompany you on any journey, whether internal or external, you choose to undertake.

Likewise, the day will be very good to establish new rules in your relationship, as well as to eliminate those which are conservative and boring.

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You’ll be firm when removing people from your life who are only trying to make money the easy way, and through shady businesses which are ethically, morally or legally questionable. Those who approach you with good intentions will find your doors wide open.

Avoid lecturing those around you; sometimes you talk more than you should, especially when it comes to subjects you’re not an expert in.

You’ll give greater value to feelings and sensations than to physical and financial wealth. Because life has already taught you that there are things which all the money in the world couldn’t buy.


Fatigue will be present in the life of those who have a very intense week;  make the most of this Saturday to disconnect from everything and sleep longer than usual, you deserve it.

Some will start thinking about what health habits they’ll take up next Monday, but nothing stops you starting that workout routine or diet today.

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